Research and Development

Research and development is our major field of activity at our School. We participate in research projects, organise conferences, workshops, seminars for training our teachers and teachers from other schools, we peruse the international bibliography, visit other international educational organisations and conduct research on innovations in education.

​​Research Projects:

  • STEAME - Guidelines for Developing and Implementing STEAME Schools (2019-2021, 24 months, coordinator: Kypriaki Mathimatiki Etaireia)

  • STEAMitUP - STEAMitUP: Preparing teachers and students for a digital world (2019-2021, 24 months, coordinator: Lancaster and Morecambe College)

  • E-I-STEAM Educational Info-graphics for STEAM (2019-2021, 24 months, coordinator: Zespol Szkol Ksztalcenia Ustawicznego w Krosnie)

  • Shiftingwalls - #shiftingWalls - European history through the eyes of the young (2019-2021, 24 months, coordinator: Kulturring In Berlin EV)

  • DALDIS - Digital Assessment for Learning informed by Data to motivate and incentivise students (2019-2022, 36 months, coordinator: Dublin City University)

  • FOOD-AWARE - Training materials and visual learning tools for early education on environmental sustainability and responsible food consumption (2018-2020, 24 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • TAO - Tackling Adolescent Obesity and Promoting Inclusion through Nutrition Trainings for Disadvantaged Youth (2018 -2021. 30 months, coordinator: Safe Food Advocacy Europe)

  • L-CLOUD - Developing Tomorrow's Cloud Education Leaders (2018-2020, 24 months, coordinator: European Association of Career Guidance)

  • SLIDEshow - Showcasing Self-regulated Learning Implemented through Data-driven Education (2017-2020, 34 months, coordinator: Vrije Universiteit Brussel) 

  • EL-STEM - Enlivened Laboratories within STEM Education – Motivating EU students to choosing STEM studies & careers and improving their performance in courses related to STEM education (2017-2020, 30 months, coordinator: Open University of Cyprus)​

  • COMMIX: Empowering Literacy in Adolescents through Creative Engagement with Comics (COMMIX), Erasmus+, (2016-2018, 24 months, coordinator: Institute of Technology and Development (ITD) Foundation)
  • Projet Vert: Volunteering, Engagement, Responsibility, Transfer of good practices (2017-2019, coordinator Scoala Gimnaziala Vama Buzaului)

  • iRead: Infrastructure And Integrated Tools For Personalized Learning Of Reading Skill, Horizon 2020, (2017-2020, 42 months, Coordinator: University College London)

  • Boys Reading: Supporting Boys Reading Habits, Erasmus+, (2014-2016, 24 months, coordinator: University of Split)

  • MakeWorld: Learning Science through Computational Thinking, Erasmus+, (2014-2016, 24 months, coordinator: University of Deusto)

  • Les petits écolos et l’ avenir de la Terre, an eTwinning project for the school year 2016-2017 awarded with the eTwinning Quality Label (2016-2017, coordinator le Collège La Sologne de Tigy à Orléans)

  • Game-It: Platform for semantic knowledge management and development of interactive educational scenarios using advanced multi-user gaming technologies, Industrial Research & Technology Development Programme - 2013, (2014-2015, 17 month, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • School on the Cloud (SoC): Connecting Education to the Cloud for Digital Citizenship, Lifelong Learning Programme, ΚΑ3 ICT Networks (2014-2016, 36 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • FAMICO: Family Career Compass - Efficient Career Guidance Approaches Supporting Parents in Guiding their Children’s Vocational Career, Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci (2014-2015, 24 months, coordinator: Społeczna Akademia Nauk University)

  • GeoCapabilities 2: Teachers as Curriculum Leaders, Lifelong Learning Programme, Comenius (2014-2016, 36 months, coordinator: Institute of Education, University of London)

  • CLASHE - Continuous Learning Anywhere within a collaborative, knowledge Sharing and Enjoyable context, Lifelong Learning Programme, (2012-2014, 24 months, coordinator: Exodus)

  • Structural Adjustment for Employees and Businesses in the Economic Crisis, OAED (2011-12, 12 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • VILL@GE: VirtuaL Langu@GE Learning through Edutainment Activities, Lifelong Learning Programme (2009-2010, 24 months, coordinator: Exodus)

  • EYEManager: European Young Energy Manager Championship, Intelligent Energy - Europe  (2008-2011, 30 months, coordinator: Agenzia per l` Energia - Perugia)

  • MW-TELL: Mobile and Wireless Technologies for Technology-Enhanced Language Learning, Leonardo da Vinci Sectoral Programme (2008-2010, 24 months, coordinator: ΕΚΕΤΑ)

  • Classroom of the Future, Business Programme "Competitiveness" – PAVET, 2005 (2006-2007, 18 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • E-LAND: An Integrated E-Learning Virtual Environment in the Internet Learning Support Communities  (2003-2005, 18 months, coordinator: ΙPΕΤ)

  • Olympic Itineraries in Sports and Culture, Olympic Education Programmes 2002-2004, Greek Ministry of Education (coordinator: Doukas School, Ermioni Jr. High School, 5th and 6th Jr. High Schools, Maroussi)

  • KORAIS: Innovative Greek-English Online Dictionary with 100,000 Entries, Business, Research and Technology Programme, EPET ΙΙ (2000-2001, 24 months, coordinator: University of Patras)

  • Panorama: Smart Search System and Extraction from Databases with Audio Data, ΕPΕΤΙΙ (1999-2001, 24 μήνες, coordinator: Research Communications and Computer Institute, National Technical University

  • IRIS: The Art of Mathematics and Mathematics of Art, Νafsika - ΕPΕΑΕΚ (1999-2000, 12 month, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • TELEISTOR: Authoring System and Teaching Distance-Learning Courses in Secondary Education, PEPER ΕΠΕΤ ΙΙ (1996-2000, 30 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • Critias: Student Assessment System Using Computers, Schools Implementing Experimental Educational Programmes - SEPPE 1994-1999 (1999, 9 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • NETLOGO: The European Educational Interactive Site, Educational Multimedia Task Force (1998-99, 24 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • Modulates: Multimedia Organisation for Developing the Understanding and Learning of Advanced Technology in European Schools, Educational Multimedia Task Force (1998-1999, 24 months, αν coordinator: Glasgow Caledonian University)

  • HERODOTUS: Teaching Ancient Greek History at a European Level, Socrates - Comenius (1996-1998, 36 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • WFS: Web for School, ESPRIT - Special Action (1996-1997, 12 months, coordinator: Van Assche Consultants)

  • DIALOGOS: Improvement of Human-Computer Communication Using Language Technology, ΕPΕΤ ΙΙ (1995-1996, 36 months, coordinator: Institute for Language and Speech Processing)

  • Lingo: Computer Assisted Multimedia Training Material on the Usage of Greek as a Foreign Language, Lingua (1994-1996, 36 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • Software development for the course‘ Teaching the Greek Language’ in Jr. High School PAVE 1991-92 (1994-1996, 24 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

  • Educational Information System, Telematics (1994-1995, 18 months, coordinator: Doukas School)

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