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In our pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, children begin school with confident steps. They come into contact with social life and the world of learning within a secure family environment. They learn in a pleasant way, through games and experiential activities, while creatively developing skills and abilities in accordance with their own pace and maturity.


Our Educational Programme

Our Basic Programme

According to the Institutional Learning Goals Syllabus of our Educational Model, learning objectives in Kindergarten are based on the developmental stages of children at this age and for the purpose of their preparedness for school as well as their socio-emotional maturity.



We apply pioneering methodologies based on active, experiential and collaborative learning. We give emphasis to interdisciplinary learning by selecting a topic to discuss and elaborating upon it by using rich thematic resources and analysing them through different subject areas (Language, Mathematics, English, Music, Art, Physical Education, etc.).



As part of our bilingual programme, English teachers cultivate the children’s language and communicative skills and strengthen their ability to understand and grasp the language. Children who have English as their native language, or who are growing up in an English-speaking environment or who have a natural affinity for English or who learn quickly, can enrol in classes tailored to their needs.


 Language & Mathematics

Through a variety of language activities, children learn to acquire abilities according to their maturity and natural learning styles. This helps them transition smoothly from oral to written communication. In Mathematics, we use fun games for children to learn to solve everyday problems through trial and error. In this way they gradually apply their experiences towards understanding mathematical concepts.


Life Skills

Through the Life Skills programme, we design and implement activities related to the development of social and emotional skills, ecology, volunteerism, culture, healthy eating & Internet safety. At the same time, we empower children by teaching them how to manage emotions such as anger, frustration, rejection and failure through specific activities that enhance their confidence and self-esteem.

Physical Education

Our goal is for each child in Kindergarten to love movement, to develop basic motor skills through appropriate toys, to cultivate creativity, imagination and a spirit of cooperation. At the same time, our staff implements the ABC Movement programme with the aim of observing each child’s motor coordination for the early detection of motor difficulties and to properly address them.



Swimming lessons take place in our indoor heated swimming pool. They serve to improve aerobic capacity, muscle strength and teach basic techniques.


Healthy Body-Healthy Living

The Healthy Body-Healthy Living Programme for Healthy Nutrition and Fitness applies to all levels of our school. It aims to sensitise children in Kindergarten in areas of nutrition, wellness and fitness training through specific actions (leaflets, performances, while following specific programmes and sports activities.


Music & Musical Education

Children grow experientially through music and musical education to acquire sensory-motor experience. The lesson consists of songs, musical sounds and contact with the percussion instruments of the Orff orchestra.



The freedom of expression, the development of creativity and freeing the imagination are cultivated through artistic and cultural activities that promote Art as a means of communication.


Theatrical Games

Children learn to experiment, transform, express their thoughts and feelings and even find solutions to their daily problems. They assume roles and responsibilities, make decisions, work together and create.


Digital Skills (Coding - Robotics)

Technology has been incorporated in Kindergarten through Smart Tables, iPads, computers and robotics, thereby acting as a complementary tool in education.



Children cultivate their natural inclinations by participating in cooking classes, theater, experiments, art, board games, Museum Education, storytelling and video animation.


Lending Library

The Lending Library aims to cultivate the love of reading starting with younger children. It is open to all ages.


Visits & Excursions
Every year, we organise extracurricular excursions and cultural visits. These are directly related to the interests of children and come alongside the thematic units covered in class. Experiential activities are not only carried out during the visits, but are reinforced upon returning to school, by talking about impressions and experiences.

Our Afternoon Programme 

 At the end of the regular school day, children have the option of participating in a variety of afternoon activities such as:
• English Workshop
• Art Workshop in English
• Swimming
• Rhythmics
• Physical Fitness Activities
• Music
• Theatrical Workshop
• Creative Play


As part of our Afternoon Programme, we offer children a hot lunch, prepared daily on the premises with fresh ingredients and in accordance with guidelines from our nutritionist.


The Psycho-Pedagogical Department

A Psychologist is available daily in our Kindergarten. She is at the disposal of parents and provides support for children in the areas of phonology, articular mobility and pre-writing skills.

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