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International Baccalaureate*… at a glance

The International Baccalaureate programme is for those students who have completed Grade 10 of Sr. High School (Lyceum) and wish to study abroad. It is a multifaceted educational programme carried out during the last two years of secondary education; it prepares students for admission to higher educational institutions abroad.

English is the working language of the programme. The curriculum is dictated by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) in Geneva. IB students can receive parity with the Greek Apolytirion from Lyceum, which is the diploma given to students upon completion of Greek Sr. High School (Lyceum).

In the IB School at Doukas, we implement an organized programme through which we successfully offer our students individualized teaching. Additionally, we provide them with exam practice, explain the requirements of the IB programme, and teach practical techniques to help students research and synthesize material for writing papers.

The qualitative advantages of our programme are:

  • Small groups

  • Tutors for personalized advice, support and guidance

  • A Consulting Group that helps students choose the university that best suits them and then guides them through the entire application process

  • Study periods at school under teacher supervision

  • An educational trip to Great Britain with visits to major universities

  • Internships (stages) in large businesses

​Tο IB or not to IB? Pre-IB is the answer!





















George, who has been a pupil at Doukas School since Grade 6 in Primary School, decided from an early age that he wanted to study abroad. George’s ideal study destination: America. To be able to achieve his dream, he registered with the International Baccalaureate programme at Doukas. Hopefully this year, he will complete the first year of the two-year programme. Last year, George completed the Pre-IB programme. This is the introductory IB programme that helped him narrow down his choices for a major. Today, George is certain about what he wants to study. He knows that he is interested in Politics, Economics and Philosophy, but he still has one more year to go in the IB programme before he aims for his target: the US.


Alexandra is 18 years old and has been a student at Doukas since Grade 9 in Jr. High School. From a very young age, she had an inclination for Art. Her teachers told her that she was talented. She was in a dilemma whether to study abroad or in Greece so she decided to follow the pre-IB introductory programme in Grade 10 of Sr. High School (Lyceum) at Doukas so as to experience the best of both worlds. She chose Art after considering her options in Biology, Economics and Physics. In fact, Alexandra concluded that she wants to major in Art and specifically in Visual Arts (graphic arts). What could be better than studying abroad for this major? Alexandra recently completed the International Baccalaureate program at Doukas and already knows that next year she will be a student at the University of Dundee in Scotland, studying what she loves best of all. 

Peter, a student in Grade 11 of Doukas Sr. High School (Lyceum), is finishing his first year of the International Baccalaureate programme. He knew from early on that he wants to study abroad, so he decided to register in the introductory Pre-IB programme and then go on to the International Baccalaureate programme (IB). As he notes, the Pre-IB course that he took last year helped him a lot in the adjustment process. The transition between Sr. High School to IB was very smooth, since during the Pre-IB, in Grade 10 of Sr. High School (Lyceum), he had the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. In Pre-IB, he took three additional courses in English for a total of 12 h/wk. The two standard courses are English and Mathematics and for the third, he got to choose between Biology, Economics, Physics and Art. Each student chooses depending on the field they want to pursue in university. Peter’s dream is to study Computer Science Engineering in Scotland. 

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* IB = The International Baccalaureate programme incorporates and combines elements of various national education systems and offers the possibility for students to cultivate a wide range of interests, while preparing them for specialized studies. The modern pedagogical methods that it employs have credited and established the IB DIPLOMA internationally. It is recognized as a sufficient criterion for entrance to major universities around the world while it is simultaneously recognized as an equal and corresponding degree for completing secondary education in Greece (the National Apolytirion).

Success in Universities Abroad   

With a success rate that borders on 100% over the past few years, the numbers speak for themselves as the best proof of the effectiveness of our students’ preparation for university. It is worth noting that over 75% of our students are admitted to schools that they rank as their first choice.

Our IB students annually gain entrance to recognized universities in Europe and America, schools such as: Oxford University, Cambridge University, UCL, City University London, Queen Mary University of London, University of Edinburgh, University of Brighton, University of Westminster, University of Surrey, University of Reading, London College of Fashion, Central St. Martins, Glasgow School of Art, Northeastern University in Boston, Musicians Institute in Hollywood, etc.


The PRE-IB Entrance Programme in Grade 10 Sr. High School (Lyceum)

To those who are in a dilemma whether to do IB or (Greek) Sr. High School (Lyceum), the answer is found in PRE-IB. We have created this preparatory programme for the IB section in our school. It runs alongside the Grade 10 Sr. High School (Lyceum) programme and enables students to simultaneously experience both educational systems.


Advantages of PRE-IB

Students come into contact with the educational philosophy of the International Baccalaureate programme. They test their abilities and decide, based on their experience with the programme, if they wish to attend the IB school. The Vocational Guidance Department (STEP) of our School offers significant help so that students can make informed decisions.


The PRE-IB Programme

Alongside the subjects taught in Grade 10 of Sr. High School (Lyceum), PRE-IB students take 3 IGCSE courses for which they get credit in secondary education. These courses cover two subjects common to everyone (English and Mathematics) and a third subject that depends on the academic discipline the student wants to follow.


One may obtain IGCSE certification from the recognized Edexcel-Pearson body for the 3 PRE-IB courses mentioned above. This certification strengthens the student’s application to foreign universities.

The ΙΒ Educational Programme

Our IB Educational Programme is based on a well--organized design and the longstanding experience of our qualified teachers in both teaching disciplines and the proper guidance of our students when they submit their applications to foreign universities. The acquisition of the IB diploma is a very strong asset in the hands of the candidates when ‘knocking’ on the doors of foreign universities. This is because attendance in the IB programme prepares candidates in the best way possible to effectively meet the challenges of higher education.


The IB curriculum consists of six courses offered in two levels (Higher Level and Standard Level). There are certain additional requirements: Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creativity-Action-Service.


Attendance at the Doukas School IB programme is a complete learning experience, which aims to develop the multifaceted personality and academic potential of our students.

An annual Educational Trip to Great Britain is organized in order to familiarize our students with university studies abroad. Within this framework, there are guided tours to a number of universities covering a wide range of interests. By conducting these trips, we equip our students to get a better idea of what lies ahead and to help them shortlist the selection of schools they apply to.

Work Experience is for students who wish to work in a field similar to what they will study. This experience enriches and strengthens the application of the candidates to foreign universities, giving our graduates a significant competitive edge.

Each student has a tutor. In the meetings between students and their tutors they discuss the student’s progress in school, stress management, time management, performance, academic objectives and the timetable for achieving the student’s goals.

Study Periods are scheduled with teacher supervision to complete part of the homework at school.

Help with the submission of applications to foreign universities is provided by Guidance Counselors. They take into account the requirements by country and university. The counselors take into account the capabilities and priorities of each candidate. Oxford and Cambridge in Great Britain as well as Ivy League schools in the US are among the targeted schools. Counselors also schedule Mock Interviews. Generally, they provide full support at all stages of the admission process.

Career Management in ΙΒ

The objective of the Career Management Advisory Vocational Guidance Department (S.T.E.P.) of our school is to facilitate decision-making among IB students, so that their personal goals can become more targeted. Great emphasis is put on personal commitment and maintaining a positive attitude.

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