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If you wish to attend university in the UK, the GCE Department of Doukas School can offer you an enriched programme and individualized preparation through the following programmes:

  • IAL (International Advanced Levels)

  • GCE (General Certificate of Education) & BTEC (Business & Technology Education Council)

  • IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)


























Thanks to the quality of our programmes and the targeted predictions for the performance of our students in the exam, our candidates taking A-Levels succeed in gaining entrance to the university that is their first choice.


Our Success at Universities in Great Britain

The Doukas School GCE Department was established in 1985. Since then, 100% of its students have gained entrance into competitive, internationally renowned universities such as: the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics, Queen Mary College, City University, University College, Imperial College, Birmingham University, University of Bath, Warwick University, Southampton University, King’s College, Bristol University, Glasgow University, Edinburgh University, Cardiff University, St. Andrews and others.



• Intensive one-year courses (September-May)
• Small groups (usually less than ten students per class)
• Qualified teaching staff (most are official examiners) with long experience in teaching GCE and obtaining excellent results
• Ability to prepare for the IGCSE certificate
• Authorized testing center for Edexcel / Pearson center
• Full support of candidates and their applications (Portfolio) in British universities by qualified consultants
• Preparation for Interviews of candidates in British universities
• Specialized assistance and support for those candidates who wish to gain admission to Oxford and Cambridge (there’s a separate admission process), medical schools, schools of

Art & Design or Architecture


IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)

With the IGCSE courses we offer, we prepare our students for and familiarize them with this educational system, before they take the A-Levels. At the same time, we provide them with the opportunity to acquire IGCSE certificates that will optimize their UCAS candidacy in the last year of their A-Levels. We offer the following IGCSE courses: English, Mathematics, Human Biology, Greek, Physics, Economics, Fine Arts and Physical Education.


Interview Preparation

Because a larger number of students submit applications to the most competitive universities with every passing year, the interviews with the candidates is a common means for making the final selection. The GCE Department effectively prepares our students for these interviews with two mock interview sessions each year. They also help the students put together a comprehensive Portfolio.


Authorized Testing Center for Pearson-Edexcel

For more than 25 years, our school has been one of the authorized test centers of the British Pearson tests. Our students have the advantage of taking their exams in familiar surroundings.


The Educational Programme International Advanced Levels - IAL

The GCE / IAL Curriculum we offer, is the same Secondary Studies programme followed by the majority of high schools in England and Wales. The programme acts like a certifying license for those applying to British Higher Education. It lasts one to two years, and is shaped according to the direction one takes with their studies. It has the same specifications, is examined the same way and is acknowledged the same way all GCE courses are recognized in the UK or elsewhere. The GCE / IAL A-Level courses correspond with but do not have parity with the Greek Apolytirion (national diploma). The latter is necessary for anyone interested in taking the Greek university entrance exams. If a student is undecided about whether to study in Greece or abroad, they need to attend the GCE programme in parallel with the courses in the Greek Sr. High School (Lyceum).


Offered Courses

ART & DESIGN – BUSINESS – ECONOMICS – BIOLOGY – CHEMISTRY – PHYSICS – ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE – FRENCH – GERMAN – MATHEMATICS – FURTHER MATHEMATICS – HISTORY –  GREEK – PSYCHOLOGY – PHYSICAL EDUCATION – GOVERNMENT & POLITICS.  Those interested in studying in the Arts, Fine Arts and Design and Architecture are also eligible to take courses in the BTEC programme.



The GCE Department at our School can enroll students or graduates of Sr. High School (Lyceum), whether they attended our School or not. These students can attend their regular morning classes because the GCE programme begins in the afternoon. Registration for each academic year begins on April 1 and ends on September 15, extending to September 30 in the event of vacancies. The positions are filled by order of registration. The maximum number of students per class is strictly observed.


For more information, please contact Ms. Nantia Leventi, phone: 210-618-6000 (ext. 0555)


We innovate

and aim

in Excellence

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