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Since 2008, Doukas School has offered the first and only integrated programme BTEC Foundation in Art & Design in Greece, preparing qualified students in a broad range of art subjects so that they can be accepted into top schools in the UK in Art & Design. Through flexible and creative full-time and part-time programmes, we give the opportunity to our GCE and IB students to acquire further certifications in: the BTEC Level 1 Award in Art & Design and the BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (QCF) by the recognized body, Edexcel / Pearson.

Our Successes in Universities abroad

The BTEC-Foundation in Art & Design Department of our school boasts an annual 100% success rate in Universities, with 96% of our students being admitted to schools that are their first choice. The Programme undergoes an annual assessment and receives certification from the international body, Pearson / Edexcel.

In Great Britain: Central St. Martins - UAL, UCL Slade & The Bartlett, London College of Fashion - UAL, Goldsmiths College of Art, Chelsea College of Art - UAL, University of Edinburgh, Camberwell College of Art - UAL, University for Creative Arts (UCA), London College of Communication – UAL, Glasgow School of Art, Falmouth University, University of Bournemouth. 


In Europe and the US: Rhode Island School of Design in the US, Parsons School of Design in NY and Paris, Schools of Art & Design in Holland and Italy. 

The BTEC Educational Progamme

The aim of the programme is to cultivate critical thinking and knowledge in today’s modern world, to link modern practice with historical, cultural, environmental and social influences, to develop intellectual curiosity and creative production methods, to explore new ideas, etc. The BTEC Department of Doukas School, through its diverse team of specialised teachers, adequately prepares its students for the Art & Design schools in Great Britain.


Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (QCF) Curriculum

The programme is divided into three stages: exploratory, pathway and confirmatory. Students will: experiment, acquire technical skills and knowledge, focus on the object they want to develop and, as a finale, do their 'thesis' demonstrating what they have learned and having learned to work more independently in the process. The programme consists of 720 hours of instruction, also known as guided-learning-hours (GLH) and 120 credit qualifications. Each stage equals 40 credits.


Offered subjects

The innovative BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (FAD) programme is the first and only Foundation Programme in Greece that offers the following courses and orientation: Architecture, 3D Design, Fine Art - Life drawing, Fashion & Textiles, Creative Writing, Glass, Ceramics, Photography, Film, Animation, Graphic Design & Illustration, Creative Computing, Public Art, Metal, Historical and Contextual Studies, Mixed Media Lab.



Portfolio Preparation 

A comprehensive Portfolio is perhaps the most important step for admission into the universities of Great Britain. We begin with the basic steps required to create a Digital Portfolio using different electronic programmes both in our main program and in the intensive Portfolio Preparation programme every Saturday. Through many hours of careful guidance and personal work, students learn to select the artwork that will appear in their Portfolio and transform it into a digital format, so that they can present it in the form required by each university.


Intensive Portfolio Preparation Programme

In the Intensive Programme Portfolio Preparation held every Saturday between October and February, not only do BTEC students participate, but also those interested in pursuing a Master’s in Art & Design and professionals who wish to strengthen their CV. Instruction is individualized (1:1) to serve the needs of all interested parties.

Free IELTS Lessons

To strengthen their candidacy and their knowledge of the English language, our BTEC students are offered free lessons to help them acquire IELTS certification.

Educational Visits

Every year our students visit the UCAS Design your Future Fair in London. They meet with university professors and programme directors from all the major Art & Design UCAS Schools, they participate in workshops and seminars and have the opportunity to discuss various options before submitting their applications and portfolios. 


Approximately once monthly, teachers organize trips to museums, art exhibits, or take students to places where they can sketch and design. This promotes our students’ designs, and opens their horizons by introducing them to the Athenian art scene.Recreational Activities

Official Edexcel-Pearson Testing Center

For more than 25 years, Doukas School has been an official examination center for Edexcel-Pearson, thus enabling our own students to compete in a familiar environment.


University Placement

We offer every prospective student individualized support throughout the application process by collaborators who have specialized in a particular area.




To enroll in the annual Full-Time BTEC Foundation Art & Design programme, candidates must:

  • completed their 17th birthday

  • obtained the Greek Apolytirion, IB diploma or 2 GCE A-levels or have completed 12 years of compulsory schooling

  • received or will receive:  a ‘C’ grade in GCSE or at least a 6.0 in IELTS by the end of the programme.


To enroll in the Part-Time program candidates must have: 

  • completed their 16th birthday when they start

  • completed 10 years of compulsory schooling

  • received or will receive:  a ‘C’ grade in GCSE or at least a 6.0 in IELTS by the end of the programme.

Registration processCompleted application by 15th May.

  • Photographs or photocopies of the candidate’s work (4 pages)

  • Evaluation of applications

  • Possible interview



For more information, please contact Mrs. Nadia Leventis phone 210-618-6000 (ext. 0555)


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